Condition Monitoring Programmes

Condition Monitoring Programmes from Applied Diagnostics Ltd - Condition-based monitoring programmes for plant maintenance. Including technology evaluation, data collection, trending and analysis.

Our typical Condition Based Monitoring Programme is individually developed by:

  1. Assessing the current maintenance cultures and strategies.
  2. Conducting a comprehensive plant criticality evaluation.
  3. Technology assignment to their respective area’s
  4. Basic technology implementation (with involvement from plant personnel if resource is available).
  5. Plant Baseline achieved and confirmed.
  6. Regular data collection combined with accurate trending and analysis.
  7. Plant failures predicted and maintenance actions scheduled accordingly.
  8. A comprehensive cost analysis of the CBM benefits and their relative savings is then conducted.

We can also conduct individual technology surveys outside of our complete Condition Based Monitoring Programmes, these services are often used to trouble shoot problematic equipment and to pin point the root cause of re-occurring problems.