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Vibration Modules

*We offer a wide range of vibration modules designed to integrate with our Remote On-Line Monitoring stations or existing PLC/DCS control systems.

Modules are designed to provide 0-10V and/or 4-20mA outputs proportional to Overall Vibration (mm/sec RMS) and/or Waveform Peak-to-Peak.

The use of these two parameters has been proven within industry to detect a wide range of faults such as imbalance, misalignment, gear problems, bearing wear etc.

*Overall Vibration Meters

This simple to use overall vibration meter is an alternative to more expensive FFT analysers. While analytical capabilities are restricted it provides an easy tool for spot checks on critical machinery and an early indication to the onset of potential maintenance issues.

Sensor Checking Unit

*This simple to use instrument performs the task of checking vibration sensors before and after installation. It confirms the bias level of the sensors and checks cable integrity, highlighting any electronic fault or cable damage.

So with a simple and quick test by connecting
the probes to the sensors cable, the engineer can be sure of the correct operation of the complete sensor assembly.

Switch Boxes, Junction Boxes and Sensor Connections

We offer a range of low cost switch boxes used to connect portable analysers to vibration sensors, via a BNC bulk head. Multiple channels can be terminated within the box, which come in a variety of housings including GPS and stainless steel.

*For a low cost option we also offer BNC connection boxes with multiple BNC bulk heads mounted in the front panel, with dust caps fitted for protection.
A 90 degree bracket with BNC bulk head and dust cap is also available allowing a quick and easy connection for single vibration sensors fitted to your equipment.

Local junction boxes are also available for terminating multiple sensors into multi-core cable. This is particularly useful method of keeping cable costs down when there is a long distance between your equipment and monitoring point.

*Sensor Mounting

We offer a large choice of threaded studs and adhesive bases to suit
a variety of sensor mounting arrangements.

We also have a choice of magnetic mounts suitable for sensors being used during routine vibration data collection.

Cables Accessories

We offer a large choice of cable arrangements covering extensions, different connectors and specific cable types such as coiled, stainless steel braided, waterproof, etc. Replacement cables are also available upon request for all of the portable monitoring equipment we support.


*Alignment Shim Kits

To assist in the accurate alignment of machines it is necessary use precision shims of varying sizes and thicknesses.

We are able to provide full shim kits that come in a rugged protective carry case as well as packs of individually sized replacement shims to keep your alignment case stocked up.