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There are a wide range of Laser Alignment systems to choose from on the market. With over 20 years of engineering experience we can offer practical and independent advice on the options available.

The latest laser alignment systems can accurately align multiple machine trains, such as turbines containing either rolling element or sleeve bearings. Thermal expansion and offset calculations are also used to ensure correct alignment is achieved when full operational temperatures are reached. Another important feature to look for is ‘Soft Foot’ detection and correction, with out this accurate alignment can not be achieved.

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The Rotalign Ultra computer can also be used in conjunction with a LEVALIGN. This cutting-edge system answers industry’s needs for quick and efficient measurement of surface flatness.

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*Equipment interfaces with software that stores the alignment data and allows engineering reports to be prepared by the user following corrective work has been carried out.

More accurate pulley alignment can also now be achieved using the simple Pullalign laser targeting system. This is proven to prolong pulley, belt and bearing life, as well as reducing vibration and electrical power consumption.

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To assist in the accurate alignment of machines it is necessary use precision shims of varying sizes and thicknesses. We are able to provide full shim kits that come in a rugged protective carry case as well as packs of individually sized replacement shims to keep your alignment case stocked up.

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