Support, Training & Installation Services

Applied Diagnostics Ltd - Precision with Pride

Support - We fully support all of the hardware and software we supply our customers. This includes a professional database set up service to ensure you get the most out of your equipment purchase. We also offer a calibration service for all of the equipment we offer to ensure continued accuracy and confidence in the readings you collect year after year.

Training - We have a range of training courses for each of the predictive technologies we offer. These are tailored to meet the needs of our customers and their employee’s abilities.

Courses are usually split into two parts, the first introducing basic theories, terminology and applications of the technology. The second focuses on the use of the software and hardware, including database building, data collection and data interpretation.

The aim of our training is to ensure our customers leave with both a comprehensive understanding of the technology and also a practical ability to be able to carry out testing once they leave the course.

Installation & Commissioning Services

We carry out all aspects of installation work required to permanently fit the different types of vibration sensors and probes we sell. Quick release sensor studs can be mounted to your machinery by drilling and tapping or with structural adhesive when drilling is not desirable or thin material thicknesses are present.

*Cabling from sensors is routed back to junction or switch boxes using either cable tray or adapta-flex conduit depending on your site standards.

We also install our Remote On-Line Monitoring stations. This usually begins with a Feasibility Survey on site to assess the suitability of the application and to confirm the positions and settings for each of the vibration channels.

Other process parameters you may wish to monitor such as current or temperature can also be discussed at this stage. Following the feasibility survey panels are assembled and configured off site prior to being installed and terminated to the agreed vibration and process parameter signals. Once completed final stage commissioning ensures all sensors are working correctly and that the correct values are being logged.