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There are a wide range of Portable Vibration Analysers to choose from on the market. With over 20 years of engineering experience within the Condition Monitoring industry, we can offer practical and independent advice on all the latest equipment available.

Depending on the type of plant you wish to monitor and your budget we can offer Single or Dual Channel Analysers, which allow you to perform FFT Frequency Analysis and Waveform Analysis on a wide range of slow and high speed rotating applications. Non contact measurement of rotational shaft turning speed can also be achieved using the Speed Vue sensor.

  1. Download 2130 Datasheet
  2. Download Speed Vue Datasheet

Software upgrades are readably available to carry out a wide range of specialist Proactive Maintenance jobs such as 2-Plane dynamic balancing and transient analysis.

  1. Download 2130 Balancing Package
  2. Download 2130 Advanced Transient Datasheet

Equipment interfaces with software that stores the vibration data and allows the user to trend, analyse and diagnose potential maintenance issues. The AMS Machinery Health Manager Software incorporates all the predictive technologies with offer. Please contact us for more information relative to our database set up service, training and technical product support.

  1. Download AMS Machinery Health Manager

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