Dynamic Balancing

Applied Diagnostics Ltd - Precision with Pride

Applied Diagnostics provides in-situ dynamic balancing of fan impellers and rotors. Our balancing equipment calculates solutions to Single or Two Plane balancing problems - depending upon the size of the impeller. The final balanced condition is achieved by our engineers adding trim weights in specific locations to the rotor.

Many advantages and cost savings can be made by balancing the equipment on your site, these include:

  1. Increased Bearing Life
  2. Reduced Power Consumption
  3. Reduced Physical Vibration
  4. Quieter Operation

Tolerance Guidelines

Based on a 3,000rpm rotor:

ISO Grade – G 6.3 – 20.0 Microns Pk-Pk (Fans, pump impellors, general electrical rotors, centrifuge drums, general machinery parts)

ISO Grade – G 2.5 – 8.0 Microns Pk-Pk (Gas/Steam turbines, turbo compressors, machine tools drives, small and general purpose electric rotors)

ISO Grade – G 1.0 - 3.2 Microns Pk-Pk (Small special purpose electrical rotors/drives)