Laser Alignment

Applied Diagnostics Ltd - Precision with Pride

Applied Diagnostics provides on-site precision alignment of your plant equipment; we offer:

  • Pulley alignment
  • Shaft-to-shaft coupling alignment

Both techniques utilise laser targeting systems that enable the exact positions of the equipment to be determined. Parallel, Offset or Angular misalignments are corrected by our engineers using precision shims to achieve the final position of each machine foot. We can align a variety of coupling arrangements from normal coupling-to-coupling through to spacer shafts.


We specialise in the alignment of large machinery such as steam turbine trains. These require multiple alignment checks i.e. Turbine to Gearbox Input, and Gearbox Output to Generator. Our equipment also allows offsets and thermal expansion to be taken into consideration. The use of a special ‘multi-point’ program allows machines with sleeve bearings to be aligned coupled or uncoupled.


Many advantages and cost savings can be made by implementing laser alignment across your site, these include:

• Increased Bearing Life
• Reduce Coupling Element Wear
• Reduce Belt/Pulley wear
• Reduced Power Consumption
• Reduced Physical Vibration
• Quieter Operation

Typical Target Alignment Specification for a 3,000rpm machine:

Acceptable Offset Misalignment = 0.07mm *
Excellent Offset Misalignment = 0.04mm
Excellent Angular Misalignment = 0.4mm *
Acceptable Angular Misalignment = 0.7mm

Typical machine train alignment example, with results: