Oil & Lubrication Analysis

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Oil & Lubricant Analysis & Care supplements vibration analysis for high criticality and/or very low speed gearboxes and bearings.

Applied Diagnostics Ltd's Oil & Lubricant Analysis techniques can identify both the presence and type of anomolous particles in the lubricant, the condition of any additives in the lubricant, the presence of liquid contaminants and the viscosity of the lubricant.


Oil & Lubricant Analysis can prove a great asset in identifying the optimum time for lubricant replacement and can identify why the change is necessary.

This analysis will also identify situations when oil does not need to be changed, so saving both the replacement costs and the often overlooked costs of disposal.

"Lubricants are the lifeblood of our manufacturing assets and their condition allows us to accurately assess their performance and how this has an impact on critical machine components."


The report format can be tailored to suit the individual however the tri-vector format gives a clear understanding of any issue relative to the tabulated test results:

Fig. 1 Tri-Vector Plot Examples (click to enlarge)


Fig. 2 Normal Tabulated Results for Wear, Contamination and Chemistry (click to enlarge)


Individual elements can be trended over time to predictive component failure or lubricant condition:

Fig. 3 Trending (click to enlarge)


ISO particle counts are often used on hydraulic systems. Filter changes can be arranged following increase in the particle distribution size:

Fig. 4 ISO Particle Count Size Distribution (click to enlarge)


Lubricant Care Programme

In order to ensure the optimum performance and cost effective running of your machinery, please click the link below to find out more about the Applied Diagnostics Lubricant Care Programme:

- Lubricant Care Programme