Remote Online Monitoring - introduction

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Remote condition monitoring systems are increasing in popularity across all industry sectors, different systems vary according to functionality, versatility and cost.

Applied Diagnostics have integrated a ‘Telecommunication-Monitoring & Control’ system (T-MAC) within each of their ‘Remote On-Line Monitoring Stations’. Multiple users are able to remotely monitor, control and be alerted to any potential problems with their plant and equipment from any where in the world. The flexibility of this system enables a multitude of different sensors/signals to be monitored and trended 24/7.

A majority of rotating machinery found within industry can be remotely monitored by one of our units. The integration of ‘Vibration Modules’ allows vibration signals to be processed into meaningful parameters. These can be trended and used to plan your maintenance prior to unexpected and expensive breakdowns.

The monitoring of other process parameters, in conjunction with Vibration readings, provides you with a very powerful tool, allowing you to focus on the reliability and performance of your plant.

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