Infrared Thermal Imaging - Electrical Systems

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*By using a thermal imaging camera, similar to those used in military applications, Applied Diagnostics can examine the infrared range of the electro-magnetic spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye.

This data is then used to diagnose temperature problems, which may not otherwise have been detected until it is too late.

Applied Diagnostics utilise thermal imaging technologies primarily as a predictive tool within the electrical industry.

The non-intrusive use of thermal imaging equipment allows electrical control panels to be monitored safely and accurately.

Electrical components usually emit a high temperature prior to failure. This can be detected and assessed by Applied Diagnostics Ltd using thermal imaging equipment. Faults such as overly resistant joints, overheating fuses, phase imbalances and loose connections are effectively detected and rectified without the need for time consuming, disruptive annual re-tightening.

Thermal Imaging is a non contact technique and enables observations to be made during normal plant operation and under load conditions.

This solution is available as part of a predictive maintenance package, please contact us for details.