Infrared Thermal Imaging - Other Applications

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*By using a thermal imaging camera, similar to those used in military applications, Applied Diagnostics can examine the infrared range of the electro-magnetic spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye.

This data is then used to diagnose temperature problems, which may not otherwise have been detected until it is too late.

Mechanical & Heated Systems

Thermal Imaging is particularly effective in situations such as when monitoring a large number of conveyor roller bearings. Generally a friction build up will cause an increase in temperature that Applied Diagnostics are able to diagnose through accurate temperature trending.

Thermal imaging is also beneficial in identifying refractory or heat seal damage. Similarly heated systems such as boilers and lagged pipe work can also be checked for potentially damaging thermal anomalies, including checking for Steam Traps passing condensate.

Thermal imaging can be used to monitor:

  1. Electrical Control & Distribution Panels
  2. Steam Traps
  3. Heat Exchangers and Water Coolers
  4. Boiler and Pipe work Insulation
  5. Condensers
  6. Tank Level Assessments
  7. Conveyor Bearings (were vibration analysis is not justifiable)
  8. Buildings (Bad Insulation, Leaks In Flat Roofs etc)
  9. Refractory Insulation
  10. Motors/Gearboxes

This solution is available as part of a predictive maintenance package, please contact us for details.